'Twenty Years In A Decade'' Shahrukh's upcoming autobiography

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On the event of releasing Kanika Dhillon‘s novel ‘Bombay Duck is a Fish‘, Shahrukh Khan revealed that his autobiography, which he has been writing for 10 years, is almost finish, and would be released soon. The book has been christened as ‘Twenty Years In A Decade‘ because the superstar feels that he has garnered 20 years worth of experience in a span of just 10 years.

The title of the book suggests that it would be a treasure trove for King Khan’s fans as the book would be rich of all the experiences Shahrukh Khan has had of making it to one of the most powerful men in Bollywood. As he has an interesting life journey, his book would surely not disappoint.

Twenty Years in a Decade‘ has been drafted by the star himself on his years in the film industry from 1991 to 2001. The actor said that he is almost done on his part, and just needs the opinion of some of his writer friends.  He confirms that the book is light and full of witty lines as the actor himself is that ways and the book is actually an extension to his own self.

Shahrukh also clarifies that the book would contain personal parts and experiences that he has placed in front of his audience for the first time. Talking about the book and his parents, he said, “One of my favourite chapters in the book is about my mother and father. It’s eight pages long. Whoever writes a book for the first time, parents’ mention is always there.” His parents hold a special place in his life, and the actor talks about them all the time because of the fact that he lost them when he was quite young.

The audience can be rest assured that the book would be perfect for a light read as the star himself says that it would be funny and positive, sprinkled with the wisdom he got from life. That is not all he also talks about journalism and a whole chapter is dedicated to the formative years of the actor’s life. When asked by reporters, now that he has tried his hands in writing, would he try again, to which he said a quick no. Although as a reader and a person who appreciates written words, the actor is of the view that to write something is a completely different expert game.

But he does want to explore the area of screenplay writing. To this he adds and says, “”I don’t know it. In fact a matter of fact, If I get a chance, I would like to do a course of screenplay writing for one-two months. I have read a lot of books on that but I think you need someone to teach you, to actually learn it.”



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