Police use water cannon on Ardoyne rioters

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Police have used water cannon on rioters in the Catholic Ardoyne area of Belfast a short time after a token group of Orange marchers passed by.

The order added that when they received word that the token group had completed their journey home, only then would the rest of the Belfast lodges return to their Orange halls.

The Greater Ardoyne Residents’ Collective, which is due to hold a protest parade shortly after the Orange lodges pass, has appealed for anyone intent on causing trouble to stay away from the area.

A small crowd of rioters has pushed a burning car towards police lines at Brompton Park.

A water cannon was used several times to drive back a small group of people throwing stones and other missiles.

Meanwhile, police in Craigavon advised motorists to avoid the Drumbeg estate area following the hijacking of a bus.

All bus services between Lurgan and Craigavon were diverted past all estates.

Earlier, around 24 Orangemen carrying three banners paraded past Ardoyne.

The representatives of three Orange lodges were escorted by riot police as they walked past.

The marchers were completing a controversial parade within a deadline set by the Parades Commission.

There was some shouting from nationalist protestors as the small group of marchers went past.

Hundreds of loyalists were waiting to welcome them when they had passed the contentious area.

The marchers were taken to north Belfast by bus to meet a 16:00BST deadline set by the Parades Commission.

Orange-men say it was a peaceful solution to allow them to complete their return parade from the main celebrations to their Orange halls in north Belfast.

In a statement the County Grand Lodge of Belfast said it wouldn’t fall into what it called the commission’s ‘trap’.

Meanwhile in the mainly nationalist village of Crumlin, in County Antrim, a Twelfth of July Orange parade complied with a Parades Commission ruling and all lodges except the local ones took an alternative route to a dispersal point.

Only the nine local district lodges and five bands are taking the full return route back through the village.



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