Iraq Bomb Attacks In Six “Provinces Kill 84

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Many of the dead in the Iraqi capital were Shia pilgrims gathering for a religious festival.

Violence in Iraq has fallen since the sectarian killings of a few years ago, but militants still frequently attack security forces and civilians.

Sectarian tensions have been simmering since the US withdrawal in December last year, and this kind of violence is exactly what they had feared.

Shia Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has been trying to consolidate Shia power at the expense of Sunni and Kurdish voices, she says.

Pictures from the scene showed the mangled remains of a restaurant, damaged cars and roads strewn with debris.

Four people were killed in a mortar attack near a religious shrine in Baghdad on Sunday.

Iraq’s interior ministry said following that attack that there would be heightened security across the city as they anticipated further violence.

Three bombs exploded in Kirkuk, with one of them targeting the headquarters of Kurdish president Massoud Barzani. One person died and many were injured in that attack.

One man told Reuters: “I want to ask the government, why do they put party headquarters in residential areas and among the civilians? Bombs are still occurring , killing and hurting innocent people.”

A man who witnessed one of the attacks in Baghdad said a car bomb had targeted pilgrims and had also hit people who were working in the city.

“People were slaughtered and killed right here. This wrecked car here belonged to a man who worked to earn his living, and another one belonged to a fuel seller. They could not find his body.”

The restaurant that came under attack in Hilla is said to be frequented by police.



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